I am the manager behind the DRACO campaign (and now all Rider Institute marketing), partner in the somewhat defunct HSV cure coalition, and founder of KillingSickness (KillingSickness.com). I have worked my tail off to try and advance DRACO and have had ongoing conversations with some CRISPR researchers also – the goal here is a cure as soon as possible and there are no sides.

I have outlined quite a bit of perspective on KillingSickness.com (please visit the site and join the email list – it’ll be kept private) but I am here today to stress that we need to actually unite. I have seen so much in-fighting whether that’s debates on which virus in which location is worse OR whether fighting for a cure or defeating the stigma is more important. Practically all of that debate is wasted energy as we should just agree that HSV, regardless of type or location, is a bad virus (it doesn’t matter where you’re on the spectrum: “I’m fine but it’s not ideal” to “this is the greatest hell ever”) AND that the stigma is unfair AND that a cure would be a good thing. If you’re not in agreement to all of that than I encourage you to stop reading here. Everyone’s opinion is valued and everyone is right in some regard – having HSV is confusing but we can work together.

So, if you’re reading this than you’re obviously interested in a cure as I am. Unfortunately, a cure may take longer than we all desire but the mission is to advance a cure as rapidly as possible and we can only do that together – we must unite! Once we unite then we can start doing the following:

1. Financially supporting researchers — don’t like DRACO? I like DRACO but it is totally up to you what research you want to support and we will look to partner with other researchers — maybe CRISPR researchers! That said, please read why I think you should support DRACO.

2. Work with researchers – the FDA sucks and the drug process in the USA (and Canada where I live…yep, writing this from my igloo ;)) is far too long. So, let’s work with researchers to determine logistics and fund possible trials abroad. I could have done this with a CRISPR researcher but I could not prove I could raise the money – $10 million. 

3) Support Ella Dawson on her mission to end/reduce the stigma

4) Influence governing bodies with petitions, shaming, etc…

Basically, there are lots of people with HSV who seem to care about advancing a cure — but if we do nothing than nothing will happen…at least not as quick as we want. 

So, join our email list at KIllingSickness.com or via this link–> http://eepurl.com/bBXDrf AND let’s make a difference. Please help rally others to join our email list — frankly, my list of e-mails of people who want to Kill Sickness is only 1,500 and it needs to be over 100,000. 

I believe we can Kill Sickness together but you have to take the first step in joining us and getting others to also — convince Adrial Dale and Ella Dawson to join us and any number of influential people who might have HSV or simply just care about the cause. 

Let’s kill Sickness. Join us! http://eepurl.




Please visit https://riderinstitute.org/ to learn more and donate.

Herpes viruses can be serious and the evidence to connect HSV to Alzheimer’s is mounting.

Visit KillingSickness.com and enter your email for updates that might lead to action that may just lead to a cure.

Update on DRACO from info@killingsickness.com:

As an update, Dr. Rider has formed the Rider Institute under which he hopes to continue his work. We’re still assisting him with a website build and will be launching a new crowdfunding campaign very soon! We are very excited for this next crowdfunding campaign and are optimistic that we can finally resolve Dr.Rider’s funding hurdles so as to advance his incredibly important work.

KillingSickness wants to support ALL viral cure research! Whilst supporting DRACO research remains one of our key focuses, KillingSickness is about helping people as soon as possible. To that end we have started to work with a small Biotech that is going for a cure for HSV-1 and HSV-2 using new breakthrough technology. We can’t wait to share all the details with you! We can move very quickly to trials overseas but we will need to raise significant money. If you’re interested in helping this project then please click on the link below that best applies to you.

I am an accredited investor interested in making an investment

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I would just like to sign up for updates

Thank you

The DRACO Fund is moving along and I hear they’re in the final stages of securing legal counsel, non-profit status and a crowdsourcing site. 

Here is a message from Dr.Rider:

“I am very honored that the DRACO Fund [SIC] is raising funding to support further development of my DRACO broad-spectrum antiviral therapeutics. With limited NIH funding, we have obtained initial results in cells and in mice showing that DRACOs are effective against 15 different viruses ranging from the common cold to dengue fever. However, before major sponsors such as large foundations and pharmaceutical companies will commit significant funding to new therapeutics, they need to see additional data demonstrating that the therapeutics are effective against viruses of particular commercial interest, such as retroviruses like HIV. I am very pleased that the DRACO Fund is raising funding to help us bridge that gap by demonstrating and optimizing DRACOs against retroviruses.”  –Dr. Todd H. Rider

Please Like The DRACO Fund Facebook page – funding site coming soon!


Several broad spectrum anti-viral strategies are being developed that could offer the potential to cure HSV. The race for a virus cure is certainly on as researchers are finding ways to effectively destroy viruses!

Wired Magazine recently outlined three of the leading approaches at the following link: http://www.wired.com/wiredscience/2012/03/ff_antivirals/all/1

The HSV Cure Coalition will be reaching out to these researchers for HSV-specific answers as well as to persuade them to consider HSV as more of a focus. Please add your voice to our e-mail list simply by e-mailing us at hsvcurecoalition@gmail.com